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In addition to my work with adults, I have worked extensively for the last ten years with young people within a young persons agency, private practice and secondary schools in Ascot, Windsor, Bracknell, and Sandhurst. During the last year, young people are telling me that they are struggling more than ever to cope with the changes the pandemic has enforced on their lives. Their ways of coping before are now not working as effectively and many are experiencing anxiety, social isolation, sense of loss and fears about their future.

Why is counselling is beneficial for young people?

  • Young people may not want to talk to teachers or parents when they have a problem

  • Talking to a professional once a week can be a quite different and positive experience

  • Counselling offers a safe, confidential* space to explore alternative ways of behaving

  • Opportunity to talk openly, be listened to and truly heard

  • Counselling is a self-directed process with no rules or restraints

  • Counselling offers a space where young people are accepted whatever they talk about

  • It is a place for psychoeducation and validation of feelings


Anxiety, self-esteem, fear, worry, low mood, sadness, drugs, self-harm, bullying, exam stress, covid-19, family and relationship problems are just some of the issues that young people bring into my counselling room. 

*Confidential (unless you disclose that you or someone else’s personal safety is severely at risk).

Please get in contact to book in for an appointment.

Young Man in Therapy
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