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Relationships are hard work. They require regular maintenance to keep them running well. Life happens, people change, and this can lead to power struggles, affairs, conflicts and disappointments, intimacy problems, and lack of communication. Often, we can maintain and repair our relationship issues ourselves, whereas, sometimes despite our best efforts, it is helpful to consider relationship counselling/couples counselling. Here, a professional is interested in 'what has happened and can lend a hand in maintaining and repairing your relationship. This will not be in the form of a ‘magic solution’; instead, I will give you the tools to feel empowered and minimise your need for a therapist.

How can I help?

You can feel assured that you are trusting your relationship with someone who is passionate and excited about helping couples. You will be given the opportunity within a safe environment to each tell your story about your relationship and how you have come to where you are. You will receive feedback from me and techniques to help you communicate better and work towards reaching a relationship you both want. 

Relationship/couples counselling can be challenging at times. You must delve deep together to solve the problem. Where needed homework is given in the form of exercises to help you deepen the work, we do in the therapy hour. You will be helped to make sense of your relationship and encouraged to understand each other better and by doing so to facilitate acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion for each other.

Please get in contact to book in for an appointment.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
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