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Image by Lauren Mancke

Working online is a convenient and effective way to engage in counselling. Like many therapists, I now offer online work following an intensive 80-hour course to ensure I can provide the service you deserve. Being able to see one another gives you the benefits you get from in-person counselling but with the convenience of online therapy.


You may think that not being in the room with someone is not the same and in some cases this can be true - connections can go wrong, one or both of us can freeze mid-sentence or interpretations can get lost, however, some of this can happen face to face. What does happen is that we can still hear the tone of voice, we can see non-verbal communication, giving you the full experience of being together in the room, and what is important is that you have space and time to be with another where you will be seen and heard.


• Counselling therapy from your own home at a time that suits you

• Secure encrypted software offers confidentiality and peace of mind

• Therapy at a time, place, and pace that suits you

• Some find it easier to express their feelings by writing them down and this can be done via online chat

• Access to counselling may be more immediate, offering you counselling when you need it

• Flexibility to choose the technology you feel is best for you: telephone or webcam

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