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It's good to talk, but, this is not always easy. There are times where you may just want to lock yourself in your room, however,  talking about stuff to the right person can be a very effective way of confronting your struggles. I work with individuals from 12 years of age and up in a collaborative way, either face-to-face or online from my private practice in Woodley. There are no barriers to what counselling can assist and you are free to discuss what you wish.


​People decide to seek out counselling for a variety of reasons. Life is full of challenges, each of them with unique circumstances. No set of circumstances or problem are too small or insignificant if they are having a negative impact on you and how you feel. I believe counselling can help you work through and offer an insight into these challenges you may have and find ways forward.

Clients come to see me for many reasons:

  • struggling to cope with the pressures of modern life

  • loss and bereavement

  • anxiety and/or depression

  • low sense of worth and unhealth self-esteem

  • stress

  • difficult emotions that may be rooted in the past but affecting you in the present

  • feeling stuck and constantly repeating the same mistakes

  • sense of sadness, feeling lost and/or experiencing loneliness

  • family, divorce or relationships maybe part of the problem


Please get in touch to book in for an appointment..


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