​People decide to seek counselling for a variety of reasons. Life is full of challenges, each of them with unique circumstances.  No set of circumstances or problem are too small or insignificant if it’s having a negative impact on you and how you feel.  Counselling can help you deal with difficult life events and may be able to offer an insight into any difficulties, find ways forward and can help you work out how to deal with things. 

It's good to talk, but it isn't always easy, and there are times where you may just want to lock yourself in your room but talking about stuff to the right person can be a very effective way of dealing with things.

Clients come to counselling for many reasons:

  • the pressures of modern life

  • anxiety/depression

  • self-harm

  • addictions

  • difficult feelings that may be rooted in the past

  • constantly repeating the same mistakes and not understanding why

  • feeling sad, lost and alone, or perhaps the family, divorce or relationships are part of the problem

There are no barriers counselling can assist.  I welcome you, regardless of your culture, religion, gender or sexual orientation. You are free to discuss what you wish.



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